For over 25 years major outplacement firms and thousands of public servants and technology employees have relied on us to provide independent tax and financial guidance to deal with the short run and long term impacts of employment changes. We help clients maximize the impacts of this opportunity.

At Capital Transitions Inc. we can help to answer common questions encountered when facing a downsizing, such as:

  • When is the best buyout date?
  • Should I take a lump-sum vacation payment or a salary continuance?
  • Should I stay in the pension plan or transfer the commuted value? See our Pension Services for further detail.
  • Should I take all the benefits at the time of my departure or should I split it over two calendar years?
  • What is a severance rollover and how can I take advantage of it?
  • Do I qualify for tax waivers and should I use them?
  • Should I use the money to pay off debt, add to my TFSA or top up RRSPs? Are there other options?
  • How do I calculate the cash effects from the buyout, the tax due next April and the debt pay-down?
  • If I have short term liquidity concerns, can you map out my cash flow following the buyout?
  • Should I stay in the pension plan or transfer the commuted value?
  • How do I project the impact of this buyout on my long-term ability to meet my financial goals in retirement? See Retirement services for more detail.
  • What is the Pension Adjustment Reversal and how will it affect me?
  • If I find a new job elsewhere how will leaving the country affect my planning


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