Our Approach

We work together with you to collect relevant information that ensures any decision you are facing is in context with your overall situation. Working together with you and your spouse (where applicable) we build a clear analysis of how various factors will affect a successful outcome from decisions you are facing.

Clients of Capital Transitions Inc. will experience the following when engaging the Firm:

  • Our services are provided through live working session(s) in person or web-enabled.
  • We collect relevant information about your income, net worth and family considerations which you compile prior to our first meeting.
  • We work with you building clear financial projections of the impact of various options on your future.
  • The sensitivity of each option to the impact of taxes, inflation, rates of return, longevity and lifestyle expectations are presented in clearly.
  • Our work includes an experienced objective analysis of financial or legal products offered by those paid commissions.

Preparing for the Initial Meeting...

Required information includes:

  • Net worth statement showing assets and liabilities for spouses as well as joint items;
  • Recent pay stubs;
  • Copies of the most recent tax returns and Notice of Assessments ;
  • Family cashflow requirements (budget) and large one-time items
  • Correspondence from employer regarding severance amounts (if
  • History of your employment including related employers;
  • Pension entitlement details (if applicable) at all potential departure dates and commuted value transfer amounts.
  • Most recent corporate financial statements, T2 return and Family Trust filings (if applicable)

Download Multi-Year Budget Spreadsheet


Let Capital Transitions Inc. show you how this "time of transition" can be seen as a "time of opportunity"... We look forward to our initial meeting.